On the efficacy of IKEA

After I compiled enough IKEA bookcases to outfit an entire college dorm, I decided I'd spent enough on the stuff and started accepting my friends' cast-offs. Pretty soon I had a whole room full of readjustable, featureless shelves, similarly-colored, all perfect receptacles for any item or book or color. And that's when I realized why IKEA is so popular.

IKEA furniture is design tofu. It has no intrinsic flavor, but soaks up the features of anything you combine it with. Being made of pressboard, it probably is carved from a huge block of the stuff, somewhere back in Sweden. Imagine a cheese slicer the size of a studio apartment... slice it off, cut it up into little chunks, spray "beech" or "birch" tanning solution onto it, and ship it out to America.

Also: IKEA would probably make good design for zero-g environments.


Blogger Matt said...

Last week I had to throw away one of my four IKEA plates that I bought up at the store in Chicagoland.

(( tear ))

10:19 AM  
Blogger transuranic said...

Just order a new one! IKEA. an infinitely renewable design resource.

12:40 PM  

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