Blocking all that UGLY

One sucky thing about cruising bear411, or any other site with profiles, is that there's always THAT guy, whose profile photo is nasty, or stupid, or he's your ex, or he's wearing panties, or he's your dad, or whatever - it's a total boner-kill. You know the one.

Firefox's default lets you block ALL images from a site, but what about the hotties? Here's how to block individual images.

First, you're already using Firefox, because no-one-upon-no-one is still using Internet Ass-ploder, zomg helloooo. But you want to switch anyway, so get Firefox HERE.

Next - the site you're on might have right-clicking disabled. Re-enable it. Easy instructions HERE.

Now, get Adblock for Firefox HERE. (The site probably won't be able to install software, so follow the instructions on how to make that happen.)

Finally - rightclick on the image that is offensive to thine eyes, hit AdBlock Image, and BAM! Mr. Just This Side of Goatse is gone with the solar wind and you can stop your eyes from bleeding.

UPDATE: Works great for MySpace backgrounds too. Ah, the loveliness of less.


On the efficacy of IKEA

After I compiled enough IKEA bookcases to outfit an entire college dorm, I decided I'd spent enough on the stuff and started accepting my friends' cast-offs. Pretty soon I had a whole room full of readjustable, featureless shelves, similarly-colored, all perfect receptacles for any item or book or color. And that's when I realized why IKEA is so popular.

IKEA furniture is design tofu. It has no intrinsic flavor, but soaks up the features of anything you combine it with. Being made of pressboard, it probably is carved from a huge block of the stuff, somewhere back in Sweden. Imagine a cheese slicer the size of a studio apartment... slice it off, cut it up into little chunks, spray "beech" or "birch" tanning solution onto it, and ship it out to America.

Also: IKEA would probably make good design for zero-g environments.


Mdona hatin'

Because I, too, am not immune to the siren song of pop culture, I sometimes wander into the waters of bigger blogs like Defamer, and then I emerge making stuff like this:

(This is a satire (?) on a recent Gwyneth Paltrow ad campaign, where the blonde Oscar-not-deserver was smeared with Photoshop warpaint, above the words "I Am African." South African, maybe.)

For the record, I do not care for Madonna and never have. Oh, I've had my embarassing musical-theater moments, back as a 14-year-old; but I've disliked Madonna for years, ever since I realized she didn't write her own music, like other, better singer / songwriters. In college, the first other gay men I met gave me plenty of reason to find her distasteful.

"She reinvents herself!" they would mindlessly praise. Patently untrue: Madonna just reaches into what's been burbling in the underground for a while and drags it out into the light, where its original flavor is made bland by the glare of media attention. I hope she stays in England.