Woofy of the Week, Andy Warhol edition

In Pittsburgh for the weekend on bidness, and decided I should spend my free hour going to the Andy Warhol museum. As far as I could tell, among the many unshaven male faces reproduced, silk screened and blown up to the size of entire walls, Andy only encountered one man with facial hair that ended up in his collection. And it so happens that I can't identify him... um, he looks James Dean-ish? Anyone want to take a shot? (HAR... Warhol, shot, get it?)

(What is it about illustrated faces that make them look so similar... or Hollywood requirements that only allows people who look a certain way to become famous?)

BONUS Youtube video: "Small Town", Lou Reed and John Cale, from 'Songs for Drella'.


Blogger buff said...

A trip to the Andy Warhol musuem is a treat for looking at the woofy guys he painted. He loved the leather, tough guy look and captured these guys images in a very sexy way. Thanks for sharing.

4:29 AM  
Blogger transuranic said...

Whoa, where were they? I must have missed them. I thought I'd glimpsed everything, but I was only there for an hour or so.

10:44 AM  

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