Woofy of the Week, Steve Carell is My Boyfriend Edition

Some have argued that my feature, Woofy of the Week, is something like the People's Choice Awards, insofar that it's easy to get on the list just by dint of one simple feature: the facial hair.

Guilty as charged, ya critty bitches. This time 'round it's the smarm-alicious Steve Carell, late of the forgivable copy of BBC's The Office (N.B.: Ricky Gervais, while hilarious, is not woofy), who in the new movie Little Miss Sunshine, plays gay and sports the beard.


A shift in the beauty standard, Baby Jane

Hottie parents are more likely to have a daughter (for their first child) than a son, a London School of Economics report says.
It's likely, though not stated in the media report, that the gender of a 2nd child is influenced by the gender of the already-present first child.

The evolutionary logic? Women are more likely to benefit from physical beauty; the
reproductive success of men depends in part on the status of their father, and the reproductive success of women depends partially on their physical attractiveness. (as well as signs of youthfulness.)

The question remains: how do reproductive processes "know" that the parents are attractive? What signs of beauty are able to trickle down from the mind of the person who's always been told they're hot, who has always enjoyed high status, from their ego to their Fallopian tubes or seminal vesicles? I mean, that's what has to happen, right?