Pro shoelacing

Check out this shoelacing site. I've been trying a new method for a couple months now, but this site is the motherlode of ways to make sure your New Balances do not fall off.*

*Washington, DC apparently just discovered the NB logo about two years ago.

I just learned how to tie an "Ian* Knot", which to my surprise did not involve choosing between sitting all day slurping down your trustfund cash in the coffeeshop that has the good coffee and the cute barista, and the one that has the fat wireless pipe and the other cute barista.

*Ian: homosexual hipster male who wears black-plastic-framed glasses, drives a Volkswagen (optional), and owns a Mac (required.) Owns, but not operates: Ians are unable to install Linux, install hardware, or change their own oil. Ians have a slightly larger-than-average head size : body size ratio. Cf: Lollipops, Bobblegays.


Blogger idonothingallday said...

thanks for the link, the two loop method was getting so old

7:34 PM  

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