Fibbing by the numbers

A "Fib" is a newly invented poetry form whose syllable numbers echo the famous Fibonacci Sequence, in which each number is added to the one right behind it in the sequence to get the next one, starting with zero:

0, 1, +0= 1, +1= 2, +1= 3, +2= 5, +3= 8 [13, 21, 34, 55...]

Long after it was defined by people (and Fibonacci wasn't really the first), it was discovered in nature, in multitudes of places - nautilus shell spirals, flower petals, pine cones...

In poetry, it works well too. It's bare and haiku like at first, but then rapidly explodes into something more prose-like. And as someone put it - the official first numeral of the Fibonacci sequence is always zero, so the first syllable of a Fib is always silence. Very cool.


Anonymous PureDoxyk said...

*That* is the absolute *shizniot*.

Dammit, I think you just sucked me into Blogger. *sigh*

All this trouble, because you had to write a useful letter to the Consumerist and I had to go poking around...Which just goes to show, rooting is for pigs. And, um, people with more free time than I. (Apparently PIGS = People In Greater Slackity.)

On secong thought, I apologize for this entire comment. Unless it amused you, in which case I'd like $1.50 for my trouble, please.


9:48 AM  
Blogger transuranic said...

I'd gladly paypal you the buck and change, but how about I just tip my local barista instead, you shortchange yours, and we call it even?

10:11 PM  

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