Blattodea of the Dead

I've always hated cockroaches with a scorn no other creature deserves. Subscribing to a phenom I've adoringly termed the creepy-crawly fear, I believe that cockroaches are not just carriers of disease, but that they are opportunistic, willfully evil, and know exactly who I am. Apparently this type of fear, of small, scurrying animals, exists in every culture.

But whatever the Maori or the Tutsis are repulsed by, the cockroach is my personal enemy and I am glad to see him suffer. And my prayers have been answered - a fate worse than Raid (Corante via BoingBoing.) A species of wasp has developed a parasitic relationship with cockroaches, first zombifying the roach, then guiding it by its antennae back to its lair, where its widdle babies are lovingly nestled inside the roach to eat their way out as they grow. The enemy of my enemy is ... my new Hymenopteran overlord.

More detailed description over at Science and Politics blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so wait-- i just wanna make sure i've got this right:
now instead of just dealing with the occasional 3-inch roach in my apartment [grab the cat. aim it at the roach. run away/ hope for the best], now i can look forward to roaches, followed by zombie roaches, followed by swarms of newborn mosquitoes?
this is very stressful.

love your blog!


6:26 PM  

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