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When future biospheres are built, they will be built by people like Temple Grandin, autistic professor of animal science and prolific author, who spoke last night at a local bookstore on her new book, "Animals in Translation".

Woefully hewing to the standard look of Wyoming ranchwomen, she sports a dykey haircut, jacket adorned with wolves, and denim shirt with embroidered - oh god, are those Looney Tunes characters? - no, just cats.

I'm digressing, because I'm a bitch. The real impression she gives is someone who knows her shit (and has probably stepped in enough of it.) Wisely pre-empting the vegetarian issue with comments about how her work has calmed the fears of millions of animals headed for slaughter, she spoke about how thinking in pictures instead of words helps her commune with her clients - well, the pwned of her clients anyway. Nevertheless, the audience still tossed underhand pitches about the humane treatment issue. My friend wanted to ask some question about Lacannian theory until I slapped him.

What was more interesting was hearing her speak of the psychology of animals as she understood them, as if they were little different from people. (I'd love to see a candid-photo section at the back of some livestock quarterly, shots of Bessie angrily checking some horny bull, or caught in a snapshot adjusting her uncomfortable teat milker - "Livestock Celebrities - They're just like Us!")


Anonymous Tyler said...

Is she really autistic?

5:00 PM  

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