Scopes Trial final score: Monkeys 1, Jesus 0

Not the best score we could have hoped for, but not quite the drama of what the opposite decision would have unleashed, either. Judge John Jones could have gone farther than just rejecting ID from the classroom and claimed that ID had no valid reason to be studied as a science. He could have grown balls, but as we know from our legitimate science classes, testicle size is in direct proportion to the amount of competition from cohorts*. And this opinion had no nuts whatsoever:

Jones wrote that he wasn't saying the intelligent design concept shouldn't be studied and discussed, saying its advocates "have bona fide and deeply held beliefs which drive their scholarly endeavors." (CNN.com via AP)
Of course, bona fide beliefs do not make for bona fide scholarship. As far as I can tell, good scholarship is based on honest appraisal of facts, reliable peer-and-competitor review, reproducability of results, and a demonstrable lack of underlying motivation to tip your conclusion to one side (e.g., devotion to some belief system.) Judge Jones made the right surface choice, obvs, but with no depth: the scores of other school districts facing the same issues are going to have to rehash the argument, scores of times. Why not just grow a set and say what's on everyone's minds: science classes and Sunday school are two separate beasts. And no Aslan movie is going to convince me otherwise.

*OK, I'm stretching a little bit for the sake of prose. (No, not ball stretching, you disgusting pervs)


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