Down in Dover

I'm continually frustrated that the Left fails to recognize what should be in their arsenal: a moral sense that is not based in religious sentiments, and a spirituality that does not invoke nonexistent ghosts. A politicization of that moral sense, as well, having that idea set coalesce into a force that attempts to survive on its own. A movement. Or at least, the Dems catching some of the ideas from it to power themselves.

Science needs to play at politics, because it has been neutered. There need to be nonprofits that aren't massively inefficient, lobbyists who are good at encouraging politicians, and some way to wrench the balls of the people pulling the strings. (Yeah, we might be talking about teh 4liens now, but we might still be serious.)

More to come.


Blogger art the loser said...

okay, my question is....do we have to read the posts first. Or, more specifically, at all, in order to sign up for the free prize?

4:18 PM  
Blogger transuranic said...

It's better if you DON"T read the posts - it gives a blog that over-read, "everyone used to post but now the phenom's petered out so people can just say whatever they want", dada-ist vibe.

9:33 PM  

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