The Assimilated Homo

I get asked sometimes what my ethnic background is, and of course my inner WHITEY BUNGALOW GLINESTONE teh FOURTH hearkens back to my standard PC response: that our human psyche is the same mind-plan shared by all of us, and so that I really come not from some tiny European coastal islands with awesome kilt-themed bands you haven't heard, but instead from a breeding population of roughly ten thousand individuals who lived on the savannah just near the trees on the eastern side of Africa, who were mostly like us, but a bit different, were versions a little more crude and rough, like the hand-axes our predecessors Homo erectus made and then tossed on the ground, ending up, like Homo sapiens sapiens, scattered across the whole of Africa, Europe and Asia. H. Erectus never made it to Oceania, the Americas, the Arctic regions, or space stations, but you know they'd have dropped their trash there if they had. That's my ethnic background, then: the people who drop their wasted, broken implements at the exact moment they lose their value.

Ah, the glorious and wonderful trash-heaps of history!

(I don't know where I was really going with this, but it got you this far.)


Blogger Matt said...

What makes us different from homo erectus is that we simply have different trash, no?


4:03 PM  

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