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If the administration controlled the voice...(Score:3, Funny)
by geekpuppySEA (724733) on Friday November 18, @11:45AM (#14065421)

American soldier 1: We didn't plan on leaving the electricity and water off for months, you know.

Administration-enabled translator: We are so happy that you love America for toppling your eeeeeeevil dictatorship!

American soldier 2: Hoo yah, we're gonna git us some awl!

Administration-enabled translator: We are going to train you to defend yourselves before we leave!

American soldier 3: Dude, I was totally kidding about your sister

Administration-enabled translator: Why do you HATE FREEDOM?!

American soldier 4: See, we worship the same thing, really - God, Allah, means the same thing!

Administration-enabled translator: Praise JESUS!

this was in response to
Computer Translator Ready for Use in Iraq


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