Gay Sweat: Now Hotter

More from the randy, curious Brits: people appear to be really good at sniffing out sexual partners. Especially The Gay.

All jokes about Ketel One, CK One, and Gun Oil aside - this makes sense, but probably not to modern minds. Much of our understanding about the nature of pheromones has come in the recent past.

And besides those of us chained up in our Master's dungeon, waiting for Him to come allow us to service Him, or those of us blogging or programming for a living, many of us wear deodorant. It's likely that we're not accustomed to natural scents, and certainly not to the Great Unwashed Rankness that humans must have been walking around in over the long span of evolutionary time.

God, the thought of millennia's worth of pit funk... Don't even get me started on sac sweat (aka, manna from heaven. I'm still at work here, people.)


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