Cutie or hottie? How your face rates!

A couple of chicks I used to work with were talking about guys one day, and they wondered aloud what the difference between calling a guy a cutie or a hottie was. As it turns out, I knew the answer to that one.

Testosterone is involved not only in behavior, but also in bone production. In males, higher levels of the big T correlate with increased lateral growth of the mandibles and chin. We're talking about the jawline: the more squared-off it is, the more masculine his appearance. Witness the actor-cum-prison-fantasy-fodder Chris Meloni:

Anyway, so testoster- HEY, EYES BACK HERE. OK, so - now, over evolutionary time (which for those of you currently clutching at a bible to ward off an erection, means a longer time than you can imagine), as the arena of human behavior played out, the males with squarer jaws played around more on their female partners than those with less-square jaws.

Women, no stranger to both keeping their men in check and cheating on them themselves, developed their own set of responses to this behavior - preferring more 'masculine' men during their ovulation, and less masculine men - with rounder jaws - at other times.

The take home here - eyes BACK HERE! - is that women seem to prefer males who are less likely to sleep around on them as better for longer-term relationships, thus making them cuties. And they seem to prefer males who are more likely to sleep around on them as better for shorter term relationships, thus making them hotties.

And someone told me this weekend my blog was dry. I don't know about you, but all this surfing for Chris Meloni photos and 'dry' is not the word I'm thinking (NSFW!)


Blogger Andrew said...

Chris Meloni is such a dream boat. I actually bought the entire OZ dvd collection just so I could see him snoop around hef nekkid.

4:52 PM  

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