Room to move as a fry cook

Room to move at this job listing - well... to move around in the kitchen while wielding a paring knife, or to trudge back to your dorm room, or to go to the gym, or to outside to overlook the lovely Ross Ice Shelf!

McMurdo Station (78° S latitude, 168° E longitude) is hiring - get your resumes in now! Or if you don't have a resume, presenting a GED and filling out an application should suffice. Should be easy: scientists tend to eat foods only in energy-bar or liquid form anyway, right?

Paranoia will destroy ya... and others

A new study warns ye devotees of the bong, hookah, carved apple or Coke can to take heed. If you're one of the lucky 85% who aren't normally psychotic when sober, that dryer-sheet-in-the-paper-towel-roll trick won't prevent a voice in your head from convincing you that you really, really need to find all those tiny dogs owned by urban cloutfitters and run them down.

Full disclosure: this posting's study came out of the Netherlands. The Netherlands, people! Soma use in the Netherlands is the prime cause of semi-famous filmmakers being assassinated by Al-Hassan ibn-al-Sabbah followers. Or so I hear. Marco Polo was probalby high as a kite when he told us that tale, but as our favorite Italian author Italo Calvino knows, he was always such a liar.