When I was a kid my mother told me never to look directly into the sun

"...so once when I was six, I did." If you've lived in Seattle in January, you've done this: there'll be one cloudbreak that happens at 2:30pm for six minutes and you rush out of your office building to see it. you just blink into it, and you can feel the melatonin blip away like a full row of Tetris molecules with each moment you let the magnesium-colored blindness sear in.

That's right, tetris molecules. Honestly, I've never done drugs.

Pinholes. Everybody keeps talkin' about observin' this girdle of Venus, but I thought they would have had those things way before Edmund Halley found one in 1769, or thought one up in 1716. Triangulation? I could have told you a triangle was involved, heh. (those Kiwis must be proud that their british predecessors were really thinking of the island of Punani.)


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